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The TIYGA™ Team is a highly motivated team of scientists, engineers and innovators with a passion and track record for innovation and improvement in health awareness and healthcare.

Our mission is to help people to help themselves to achieve better health outcomes. We are based in the UK, with staff in the Northwest of England and in Northern Ireland. TIYGA™ Health’s core staff are qualified to Master’s or Doctoral level, often with post-doctoral research experience.

We employ patients with lived experience and students in healthcare disciplines (nursing, psychology) so that our software development and testing is informed by real world experience – having symptoms and triggering or relieving or treating symptoms.

At TIYGA™, we don’t just talk about it - we walk the talk. By allowing our employed staff who live with numerous chronic health conditions and experience a wide range of symptoms daily to pace their work to optimise their wellbeing and letting the TIYGA™ app keep track of their work and wellbeing, we know it really delivers a win-win.

Our growing health advisory team includes a pain management consultant, a GP, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care, a Paediatric Respiratory Specialist, a Speech and Language Therapist and a Chartered Psychologist with a background in nursing and clinical audit.

TIYGA™’s business advisory team includes a leadership and change management specialist, a facilitation and coaching professional, industrial platforms and technology ecosystems and business analysis in addition to other professional services.

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