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TIYGA Stories

See how TIYGA reports show patterns in activity and health impact. These examples show a week in the life of  people who sometimes see the delayed effect of what they did.

The story, using the
long haul after virus profile, illustrates the days before and after a medical appointment. This might not have been obvious if they had not been tracking in TIYGA.

Knowing this they can make changes to manage their health and plan better. 


This story illustrates, using the healthy and working profile, a person who works hard but also likes to party at the weekend. Then they return to work stress on weekdays. They know they must make sure to maintain a healthy balance.

Knowing this they can keep track of the benefit of good lifestyle choices.

This story, using the wellness and wellbeing profile, illustrates someone who works but also prioritises their own health. They ensure that there are plenty of activities to maintain a good social life and exercise routine.

They remain aware of old injuries and don’t push themselves too hard.

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