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TIYGA Profiles

Click on each image to view a short video demonstrating each profile.

The colour palettes for the Activity and Health Diaries are seen in this PDF.

Person doubled over in pain

Palettes 31 and 2

Abdominal pain and stress

You may be worrying or are very stressed. Some aspects of life are getting on top of you. You are concerned about often going to the toilet to pass a bowel motion and wanting to keep track of your diet, stress, and physical activity. You may also feel fatigue, pain, and discomfort. Sometimes your sleep is disturbed, and you may find it difficult to concentrate. You want to see if there are patterns.

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Tired and anxious man

Palettes 30 and 5

Fatigue or M.E. and anxiety

This profile is suitable for those with. M.E, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and anxiety, or for those with chronic fatigue, without a specific diagnosis, who also suffer from anxiety. This profile will track the severity of your: fatigue; sleep; concentration; pain; muscle weakness; anxiety; time spent working, relaxing, or resting; the extent of your exhaustion; and interventions which may have an effect such as medication, caffeine, alcohol, bathing, and meals. You will be able to see how each of these impacts your fatigue and anxiety, and how your fatigue and anxiety impact your life.

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Caring Child makes heart with hands

Palettes 28 and 2

Heart awareness

You feel more aware of your heart rhythm and sometimes feel pain in your chest. Also, you might feel palpitations or shortness of breath, or even a bit sick. This makes you more anxious. It happens when you do certain activities or maybe you need to watch your diet a bit more. You want to see if there’s a pattern.

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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Palettes 29 and 4

M.E. or Post Viral Fatigue

This profile, developed in collaboration between HOPE4ME&FibroNI and TIYGA to help M.E. and other post-viral illness patients monitor and pace activity. It may also be useful for Long Covid patients with fatigue, dizziness, raised heart rate, memory problems, and sleep, sensory or digestive issues. You can keep track of sleep, upright activity, quiet time for your senses, screen time and your daily personal routine. Also, you can track your health impact levels and a range of interventions that may help you to find what works best for you. By using this profile users will hopefully be able to avoid deterioration and a worsening of symptoms and learn how to pace better.

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Physical therapy on leg

Palettes 21 and 11

Pelvic or leg pain

You have abdominal pain but also back, buttock or leg pain and may have pain when urinating, bladder discomfort or pain when menstruating. This pain is associated with fatigue and anxiety. Your energy levels may be low and you wish to understand more about how this affects you.

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Lazy Morning

Palettes 27 and 4

Symptom flare post exertion

You want to keep track of what causes your symptoms to flare post physical and/or mental exertion. Sometimes the symptom flare you experience has as a delayed effect. You want to record some data and keep track of daily events and your habits to see if you can see a patterns or to see if you can identify triggers. Until you record the detail you won’t know. A diary could help you take more control. 

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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Palettes 27 and 22

Breathless and coughing

You may feel some chest tightness as well as some coughing and breathlessness, and these symptoms may be affected by the weather. Your symptoms affect your mood and the quality of your sleep. You feel that somehow maybe your pattern of activity, active or sedentary, might affect how you feel. Maybe you need to pay more attention to when you take medication.

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Person in bed with pain

Palettes 26 and 2

Fibromyalgia (Fibro.)

Developed in collaboration between HOPE4ME&FibroNI and TIYGA,  this profile helps Fibromyalgia patients to monitor activities and self-manage better. It enables you to track memory problems, inability to think clearly or focus, digestive system problems, muscle and joint pain or stiffness, and mood issues, anxiety, or depression. You can keep track of sleep, resting, work or study, socialising or leisure, and your daily personal routine. Also, you can track your health impact levels and a range of interventions that may help you to find what works best for you. By using this profile users will hopefully be able to avoid symptom flare ups.

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Person with sore finger joints

Palettes 27 and 3

Inflammation or joint pain

You often have back pain and pain or stiffness in your upper or lower limbs, and perhaps some redness or inflammation in your joints. You might also feel fatigued or low in energy and this affects your interest in exercise and general mood. This may be caused by or causing disrupted sleep, you are not sure. Maybe weather or diet affect your pain sometimes. You are trying many solutions to see what works for you.

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Physiotherapy on back

Palettes 20 and 12

Managing Pain

You had some pain that just won’t go away. It seems to affect your mood, sleep, daily activities, walking or movement, and generally reduces the quality of your life. You feel stressed or anxious at times due to the impact the pain is having on your life.  You want to keep track of your pain intensity levels and you also want to try a few strategies to see if you can discover what makes it better or go away, or what makes it worse and should be avoided.

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Physical Therapy

Palettes 23 and 3

Post-stroke recovery

You have had a stroke or mini TIA and you are taking care of yourself as you recover. This means you have good days and bad days, and you feel it would help to keep a diary to see evidence for yourself that you are improving and to remind yourself to stay with the good habits you need to get back to doing what you love.

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Neck Brace on person

Palettes 28 and 22

Upper body pain

You have some pain in your back, neck or shoulder – or some combination of these. You want to help yourself and try a few things to see if the pain will go away. You try to see what activities make the pain more or less bearable. In the past the pain has gone away, but you forgot what really helped. You prefer to try a few things before seeking professional help.

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Pregnant Woman

Palettes 21 and 7

Expecting a baby

You know things will change and that every person’s journey is very special. Yet still you may wonder whether your experience is similar or different to others. You may still be working, or you could be caring for others, but your own body is changing and you want to keep track of what happens when. 

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Business Meeting

Palettes 24 and 2

Healthy and working

You lead a busy life, staying organised and trying to be productive. You like to enjoy yourself, but also you know that as we all get older it is a good idea to start watching your lifestyle, keeping an eye on your weight and your heart rate, and watching that you don’t overdo it as much as you used to. Work is important, but it is not everything. Life has to be interesting and full of variety. You want to keep an eye on your stress levels too. Prevention is better than cure. You want to act early if anything seems out of kilter and get into good habits.

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Covid Selfie Graduation

Palettes 28 and 2

Long haul after virus

You are often breathless and very fatigued, with difficulty concentrating and remembering everyday detail. You get headaches, chest pains and muscle aches or joint pains. Your symptoms are getting worse, and strange symptoms come and go. You are not sure what is wrong, but weeks go by and life is not getting easier. You had think you had Covid-19 and have not recovered. Maybe you try to work but cannot do so for long.

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Palettes 24 and 22

More than a headache

You may sometimes feel nauseous or vomit, possibly your cognitive abilities are impaired, and you may suffer from fatigue or headaches. Sometimes you may also feel faint. You want to use a diary to keep track of unusual sensory experiences or impaired vision that impact on your daily life, work, or socialising. Also, you want to keep track of your headache intensity levels.

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Image by Ben Hershey

Palettes 28 and 18

Recovering from concussion

You had a head injury and now find your sleep quality is impaired and you are particularly sensitive to stress. This may make it difficult for you to concentrate and you might have some pain in your head or another part of your body. It is hard to feel motivated as you used to be. You need help to remember.

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People Jogging

Palettes 25 and 8

Wellbeing and wellness

You want to prevent lasting pain and to lead a comfortable, healthy and happy life and so you want simple routines that work for you – getting the right amount of exercise, stretching your muscles and recharging your batteries. Stay connected, be active, stay curious and keep learning and be kind.

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