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Take control

TIYGA is a concept, Time Is Your Greatest Asset,  thinking about how you choose to use your time. TIYGA is not about timesheets or big brother, it is for you to do a daily check-in with yourself and to feel more in control. TIYGA is a smart diary where you record what you choose to - it does not monitor you. Record how you feel and what you did, for how long, and see your charts. Just as you manage your money or your weight by keeping track of the changes, why not keep track of what you've been doing and how that links with how you have been feeling. TIYGA empowers people to discover patterns that matter. Make better choices. TIYGA is for people who like keeping track of their life.


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Your choice

Think about the decisions you make every day, your to-do-list, the satisfaction you get when you have achieved what you planned. Do you spend too much time on work or too little? Do you have a healthy routine? Also ask yourself how well you pace yourself. Do you pace yourself well or find yourself worrying about being burned out or damaging your health? Maybe you could organise your days better so as to be more effective. High performers, whether athletes or other success-oriented people all pace themselves and plan their time carefully. Likewise, those constrained by health or age-related factors have to plan their activities well. You have one life but many choices.

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Pace yourself

Pacing is all about chunking your time, taking breaks when you are exerting yourself too much - mentally, physically or emotionally. Build in rewarding activities among your duties, take a break from screen time or heavy lifting. With TIYGA you are in control, enter as much or little data as you wish, whenever it is convenient for you. The more data you enter, the more you can learn and discover what works for you. Maybe you overdid it one day and pay a price 2 days later. You have a choice. This is especially true if you have a long term condition, such as chronic pain, long covid or asthma. When you see the relationship between activities and how you feel, you make better choices. .

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TIYGA™ - Time Is Your Greatest Asset
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