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Shared decisions

Health is wealth

TIYGA helps you to help yourself. We cannot change our genes or how we've lived our life so far, but we can make better choices from this moment onward. We can change our habits and routines, we can change our diet and make changes to delay ill health or manage any symptoms we have so they make less impact on our daily lives. There is no one-size-fits-all, the future is about precision health and targeted treatments. That means prevention, prediction, personalisation and participation. It means we can all play a role in protecting our freedom to live our lives the way we want - for as long as possible. For example, you might see a relationship between screen time and how tired you feel. TIYGA charts conveniently show you why some days and weeks feel better. TIYGA has 5 elements - rating scales, health and activity diaries, observations check list and free text. TIYGA is a smart deconstructed diary, it does not tell you what to do, you record what is relevant to you.

Many people avoid going to see the doctor, they hope a problem will resolve itself in a few days or weeks or they want to solve it themselves. Sometimes they worry they won't be believed because the problem is intermittent or invisible. Yet later they may regret the delay. By using TIYGA you can gather your own evidence to solve the problem yourself or to be able to explain to healthcare providers what has been happening, what makes the problem better or worse. TIYGA helps foster a convenient and collaborative relationship between healthcare providers and patients. Seeing patterns sooner often means more choice. For example, with some medical conditions brain fog gets worse as the day goes on but with others it is worse at the start of the day. By showing your healthcare provider your charts, they get insights that probably would not emerge quickly in conversation. Avoid recall error, quickly capture a smart diary each day to see details that could be lost.

Knowledge is power

TIYGA helps you to understand how your choice of activities, how long you do them without interuption and what order you do them can affect how you feel. TIYGA profiles are pre-configured to help you to track what really matters. People who know about living with a long term condition sponsor profiles to share their wisdom with those who are not yet diagnosed. Sometimes what activities you do will depend on how you feel. There is a relationship between activities and feelings, this can include different aspects of your work, leisure time, relationships with family and friends and your sleep. Maybe you need to see patterns in what you consume, whether that is medication or nutrition or less healthy options. Unless you record it, you'll forget and not notice what's happening. Use TIYGA to track what actually happens and gain a greater awareness of how one thing leads to another -  you can see what you can control and make improvements.

TIYGA™ - Time Is Your Greatest Asset
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